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Sarah Churchwell on the language of anti-liberalism
Dispatches from the Crimea and Mauritania
Comment by Peter Tatchell, Simon Kovar & Guy Dammann
Esther Freud’s Dinner for Six
John Lennard welcomes a Golden Age of the verse-novel
Contemporary Iranian photography: a retrospective
Fiona Sampson on the lyric of madness
New poetry by Jorie Graham and George Szirtes

Iran and the Future of Liberalism

by Danny Postel

As an authority against authoritarianism, liberalism is undergoing a renaissance in Iran, and reflecting back to the West its radical roots. [more]

Circles of Intimacy

by Lisa Harris

Food adverts emphasise what we eat and drink – whether it’s organic, local, or healthy – but who we eat and drink with is perhaps the most significant choice of all. [more]

A Liberal Defence
of Money

by Will Davies

If a zero price really is “the future of business”, then now might be the time to appreciate what is culturally and ethically important about money. [more]

Amol Rajan

Braving the Limelight

It is a curious fact that British law is presently designed to criminalise the diligence and dedication of those individuals who most obviously wish to work in its economy.


 Louise Whiteley

The Cognitive Olympics

The danger of cognitive enhancers is that they encourage a yearning for academic gold, whilst downplaying the value of ‘training’ and its lasting effects. [more]

Godless: The Church of Liberalism

Book review by
Christopher Hitchens

I have the distinct feeling that people do not buy Coulter’s creed-screeds and speed-reads in order to enhance their knowledge of history or their command of syllogism. [more]

On Myth

by Marina Warner

The word 鴨?is usually used to evoke a dead religion (the Greeks?Olympians, the Norse pantheon) but it is also applied rather heedlessly to the sacred stories of peoples who are still unconsciously counted as primitive, and unadulteratedly ancient. [more]

Not a gentle kind
of Zen

by Ed Smith

I had approached Zidane with some trepidation, as I didn’t expect to be much bothered about a real-time replay of the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal on 23rd April 2005. How wrong I was. [more]

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